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Proper lighting is an essential component of a safe and welcoming home. If you're looking for a reliable, experienced electrical contractor in Tampa to help you with indoor or outdoor lighting installation or repair, call ACS Home Services now. Our experts can provide you with valuable guidance and safe, professional services that are in compliance with all local and national codes.

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Choosing the Right Indoor Lighting For Your Home

What to consider:

  • TYPE OF LIGHT. What do you want your guests to feel when they walk into your home? Yellow lights are more comforting and cozy but can mute other colors. Whiter lights are cleaner but also stark and on-edge. Colored lights are playful. While each room should be consistent, your entire house can be a variety. Take a moment to really gauge how you’d like each room to feel and make sure to choose lighting accordingly.

  • LIGHT PLACEMENT. After the color of the light itself is decided, you should aim to have at least two sources of light in every room. This is a textbook secret of interior designers everywhere. Two sources of light on opposite sides of the room gives everything illumination. There aren’t any awkward shadows or strange glares. Because the light communicates mood, you want the light to evenly distribute the mood for continuity and harmony in your room. The sources could include windows for natural light, ceiling lights, desk lamps, and wall sconces.

  • LIGHTING STYLE. After you’ve got the vibe and setup all figured out, the last piece is cohesiveness with all the other items in the room. There are endless options for light-styles, but an easy way to pare down the options is to look at style boards or talk with a professional. Save images that resonate with you to pick apart the similarities and then search for light fixtures that fit the same theme. Once you’ve found your setup, our team at ACS Home Services would be happy to help with installing the light fixtures. Bring your style choices and observations to us for guidance and our team can help you find the right fit for you and your home.


You would never consider the inside of your home complete without the addition of lighting fixtures, so why should your outdoor living space be any different? Add some ambiance and safety to your yard with outdoor lighting!


  • Ambiance. When we suggest that you install outdoor lighting, we’re not talking about floodlights just for the purpose of illuminating the space. Instead, think more about how your lighting can accentuate your outdoor living space and turn up the ambiance. Some of our favorite lighting options that will increase the ambiance in your yard include string lighting, lantern lighting, sconce lighting, and pathway lighting.
  • Safety. Another benefit of installing outdoor lighting is increased safety for you and your guests. When your yard is shrouded in darkness it poses a number of safety risks to those at your home. This is especially true if you have curving paths, stairs or even slightly uneven ground. Those who are unfamiliar with the terrain could easily slip, trip, fall and injure themselves which would leave you liable for their medical expenses.
  • Seasonality. The addition of outdoor lighting will also extend your ability to enjoy your yard throughout all times of the year. Beginning in the latter half of the year, the sun starts setting earlier which usually brings your gatherings indoors. However, with the addition of a few key light fixtures, you could continue the party outside all night long.


There are several common reasons why your lights may be flickering, and all of them point to a problem with your electrical system. If you're noticing flickering lights in your home, don't delay in calling an electrician to troubleshoot the problem.

Any of the following problems can cause lights to flicker:

  • WRONG WATTAGE. If you use the incorrect bulb for the light fixture, it can lead to flickering. Each light fixture is designed for certain wattages. If you overload the fixture, the bulb can have performance issues that result in flickering. You may also have flickering lights if the bulb is not screwed in tight enough. You should definitely check your bulb first.

  • LOOSE CONNECTION. Your flickering might also be a loose connection in the fixture switch. You can test your fixture switch for overhead lights by wiggling the switch gently. If this reproduces your flicker, you simply need to have your switch repaired.

  • OVERLOADED CIRCUIT. You might have an overloaded circuit if the flickering happens when other major appliances are turned on. You might have a consistent flicker that comes and goes, causing your lights to burn out frequently. If this is the case, you may have voltage problems.

  • BAD WIRES. If you cannot attribute the flickering to anything else, you should have an electrician check out your wiring. Loose or damaged wiring can lead to house fires and should be replaced as soon as possible.

To discuss your lighting needs with one of our Tampa electricians, give ACS Home Services a call now at (813) 213-3537.

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