HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

It’s safe to say that our four-legged, furry friends are members of our families. However, you may not realize how much your “fur babies” can negatively contribute to the air quality within your home, clogging air vents with the fur they shed — among other things.

Here are three tips to help keep your indoor air quality in tip-top shape, while keeping everyone in your home happy and healthy.

3 Tips for Pet Owners

Groom Your Pets

Bathing and grooming your pets is important. Contaminants can collect in our vents and air filters and cause allergic reactions; and when pets shed and scratch, the dirt, pollen, and pet dander that has gathered in their fur can float through the air of your home. Bathing and grooming your pet frequently can help decrease the number of contaminants released. Once these are in your house’s atmosphere, they’ll collect in your vents, on your air filters and can cause allergic reactions.

Invest in an Air Filter

Getting an air purifier can greatly reduce the number of contaminants that reach the air vents, as well as decrease the build-up and poor air quality being circulated throughout your house. Family members who suffer from allergies will reap the benefits of the air purifier and will be thanking you later.

Clean Your Home

It’s no secret that whether it’s a dog, cat or rabbit, these pets lay on your carpets and other areas where you spend a lot of time. Keep in mind that wherever your pets goes, so does its fur and dander.

In no time your carpet fibers trap in all these pollutants. As time goes on and your family treks through your home, they kick up and free the dirt and other objects stuck in the fibers and allow them to infiltrate your house’s air.

Clean Your Air Vents and Filters

It’s suggested that you should clean your air filters every two to three months to remove dirt, dust and other allergens. Staying on top of this task and changing out the filter regularly helps your family members breathe easier and helps your HVAC unit last longer.

While the above step is crucial, you should also maintain your HVAC system regularly, as well. When a professional takes a look at your unit, it will help you better understand any damage you have or can stop any potential damage in its tracks. Ensuring your air conditioning system is taken care of is key to saving some money in the long run!

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