DIY Electrical Projects for Homeowners

Many homeowners love to tackle DIY projects. These projects are a way to spend time with your family and bond over improving your home, and they also give families a sense of accomplishment and pride. If done properly, they can also be a great way to save money on simple home improvements.

Homeowners often avoid most electrical projects due to safety concerns, which is a valid concern. For the big projects, hiring a professional electrician is always the smart route to take. But, there are some projects that can safely be done by DIY homeowners.

Replacing Switches

Whether you’re changing your light switches from an older model to a newer one for practicality, functionality or convenience, this can be a great switch for you and your home. To ensure you stay safe while making this switch, be sure to turn off the electricity at the main circuit breaker or fuse box before doing anything else. Use a voltage tester to make sure the circuit is dead before beginning work. Another aspect that makes this a great project is that you only need a few tools for this job, a wire stripper, a screwdriver, and some long nose pliers.

Upgrading Lighting Fixtures

This is an easy way to brighten up a dark room or change up the style. New light fixtures can completely transform a space, by either adding or reducing light, changing the type of light you use or by making the room feel more modern or homier. Again, be sure to cut the electricity off at the main circuit breaker, or fuse box before starting this project.

Replacing Outlets

Replacing your old outlets is a great project for functionality purposes. It can be incredibly frustrating when an outlet isn’t working at all or only works when you hold a cord at a certain angle. New outlets can also be a nice finishing touch on a room that has been remodeled. This is a project that can be done by almost any DIY homeowner. Once again, make sure you turn off the power to the outlets at the main circuit breaker, or fuse box to keep from electrocuting yourself.

These are all projects that any homeowner can handle on their own. But if a project gets a little too tricky or you have larger electrical projects, be sure to call the experts at ACS Home Services. The professionals at ACS Home Services can help you with all of your home electrical system needs as well as your HVAC and air quality projects.

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