How Often Do I Need to Replace My Air Filters?

Dirty air filter next to a clean air filter.

Do you want peak performance from your HVAC system? Don't neglect regular filter changes. We recommend replacing your filter every one to three months. Dirty filters can compromise indoor comfort, cost you money and damage your HVAC equipment.

Here’s how:

Reduced Energy Efficiency

To push air through a clogged filter, your central air system must work continuously at full throttle. That expends a lot of unnecessary energy and increases wear and tear. Overworked HVAC systems guzzle energy, drive up utility bills, require more repairs and wear out faster. Ensure that your furnace is always operating with a clean filter. It will encourage energy efficiency, maximize performance, enhance indoor comfort and reduce utility bills.

System Overheating

If your air filter is packed with filth, your system won't be able to push conditioned air through the system. This can cause the blower motor to overheat, and you may smell something burning. Your HVAC might cycle on and off every few minutes. It might also shut down automatically to allow the unit to cool off. The appliance will then cycle on again, overheat, and turn off. Overheating caused by a clogged filter can seriously damage your HVAC equipment and even create a fire hazard.

Polluted Indoor Air

Filters remove contaminants from indoor air while that air passes through your HVAC system. The dirtier the filter, the fewer pollutants it can capture. When a filter is filled to capacity, contaminants are released into your HVAC system and circulated throughout your home. Indoor pollutants can include anything from disease-causing microbes and allergens to asbestos and volatile organic compounds. Rather than removing these poisons, dirty filters can increase their presence.


Reduced Indoor Comfort

Dirty filters slow down the passage of treated air through the ducts. Because it's moving slowly, that air loses hot or cold energy as it travels to its destination. That can create hot and cold spots in rooms distant from your HVAC unit.

Filters should be changed when you can't see light through the filter material.


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