Why You Should Install Outdoor Lighting

Add some ambiance and safety to your yard with outdoor lighting!

You would never consider the inside of your home complete without the addition of lighting fixtures, so why should your outdoor living space be any different?


When we suggest that you install outdoor lighting, we’re not talking about floodlights just for the purpose of illuminating the space. Instead, think more about how your lighting can accentuate your outdoor living space and turn up the ambiance.

Some of our favorite lighting options that will increase the ambiance in your yard include:

  • String lighting

  • Lantern lighting

  • Sconce lighting

  • Pathway lighting


Another benefit of installing outdoor lighting is increased safety for you and your guests. When your yard is shrouded in darkness it poses a number of safety risks to those at your home. This is especially true if you have curving paths, stairs or even slightly uneven ground. Those who are unfamiliar with the terrain could easily slip, trip, fall and injure themselves which would leave you liable for their medical expenses.

Eliminate this hazard with the addition of beautiful lighting features!


The addition of outdoor lighting will also extend your ability to enjoy your yard throughout all times of the year. Beginning in the latter half of the year, the sun starts setting earlier which usually brings your gatherings indoors. However, with the addition of a few key light fixtures, you could continue the party outside, all night long.

Take advantage of your beautiful backyard all year long with your new light features!

If you’ve decided that you want to learn more about your outdoor lighting options, then don’t hesitate to give our electrical experts a call at ACS Home Services!