5 HVAC Scams to Look Out For

Seemingly reputable service providers often conduct HVAC scams. They exploit your trust, convince you to invest in a new installation that you don’t need, a unit too large for your property, or unnecessary replacement parts. The scam artist assumes you don’t know anything about heating and air conditioning, so protect yourself by looking out for these five red flags.

Common HVAC Scare Tactics

  1. “We replaced a part. Should start working in about a week.”

If an HVAC technician tells you they replaced a part and your issue should resolve within a few days or a week, they more than likely didn’t replace the part. A replacement part should restore your system to working order without delay.

  1. “We’re calling to offer a free inspection!”

In some cases, the scam artist will say they’re calling from a reputable HVAC company in your area, but they will likely arrive at your home in an unmarked vehicle and without a uniform. The goal is to collect your deposit or full payment for a service and then disappear.

  1. “I just so happen to have a used replacement part.”

They either won’t replace the part at all or will give you one that isn’t going to last long. It’s always cheaper to buy one new part than to replace a used part over and over.

  1. “You should get a tune-up every three months.”

Your HVAC system should receive a tune-up once a year, but scammers may tell you it’s required four or five times a year.

  1. “You need this HVAC unit. It’s the biggest we got!”

Bigger is not always better. Your HVAC unit should be sized to function efficiently based on the total square footage of your home.

Beware of Air Conditioning Repair Rip Offs!

Bottom line: Don’t allow scammers to take your money and leave you with an inefficient or broken HVAC system. If you suspect that your air conditioner or heating system needs service, be sure to do your homework before hiring someone.

Tips on How to Find an Honest HVAC Company:

  • Ask your friends and family who they have service their system
  • Check which HVAC companies in your area are highly reviewed by their customers
  • Check to see how long a prospective HVAC company has been in business
  • Check up on their affiliations, licenses, and other qualifications
  • Don’t just take the lowest bid—it’s likely that the cheapest company is cutting corners

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