Why Are My Lights Flickering?

You may expect flickering lights when you go to a haunted house, but what if your lights start flickering at home? There are actually several common reasons for this phenomenon. Some are pretty standard, but some will definitely give you the chills.

Wrong Wattage

If you use the incorrect bulb for the light fixture, it can lead to flickering. Each light fixture is designed for certain wattages. If you overload the fixture, the bulb can have performance issues that result in flickering. You may also have flickering lights if the bulb is not screwed in tight enough. You should definitely check your bulb first.

Loose Connection

Your flickering might also be a loose connection in the fixture switch. You can test your fixture switch for overhead lights by wiggling the switch gently. If this reproduces your flicker, then you do not need to hold a seance. You can simply fix your switch.

Overloaded Circuit

There are some reasons for flickering lights that are scarier. You might have an overloaded circuit if the flickering happens when other major appliances are turned on. You might have a consistent flicker that comes and goes, causing your lights to burn out frequently. If this is the case, you may have voltage problems.

Bad Wires

However, the true nightmare is a wiring problem. If you cannot attribute the flickering to anything else, you probably should not look to ghosts. You should check out your wiring. Loose or damaged wiring can also lead to house fires. This is not a seasonal scare tactic. This is a serious issue regarding your family's safety.

Bottom line: If your lights are flickering this Halloween, do not assume it is all in good holiday fun. Instead, call the experts at ACS Home Services at (813) 213-3537. We may be scared of ghosts, but we certainly are not afraid of your lights!