Types of Outlets You Can Install in Your Home

If you’re going through the process of updating some of the electrical work in your home, one area you should start with are the outlets. Replacing outlets is relatively easy to do and could save you from faulty wiring, or improper electrical work.


A GFCI outlet, or a ground fault circuit interrupter, constantly monitors the electricity flowing through a circuit and if it detects too much power or if an interruption is detected, then it shuts power off to that circuit.

It’s for this reason that GFCI outlets are required in all bathrooms and kitchens and are highly recommended in the laundry room and other spaces where water is present.


With the growing popularity of USB cables and their abundance of uses whether it’s to charge a tablet, a phone, a speaker and most other tech devices, it would be worth your while to update some of your outlets to USB outlets.

The USB outlet that we would recommend has two regular outlets and two USB ports in the one outlet. These would be most beneficial in areas of your home where people spend the most time, like bedrooms, and the living room, for instance.


Make better use of your outdoor space by adding a few water-resistant outlets. This will allow you to bring a speaker out, plug in some lights, or whatever else you might need some additional power for. When installing outlets anywhere near water, it’s always best to go with a GFCI model, and then install the water-resistant case around it.

If you have questions about which outlets are right for your home, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional electrician. If electrical work is not done correctly, then you could have a residential fire on your hands. For complete confidence in your home’s electrical work, contact the experts at ACS. Either fill out the contact form on our website or call us at (813) 213-3537