Maintenance Tips For Cleaning Your HVAC

If you live in Tampa, Florida, then you already know that you need your HVAC working through the summer and winter seasons. That means your HVAC must be checked on a routine basis. The last thing you need is a broken unit in the dead of winter or the peak of summer. Here are some tips to show what you can do to keep your unit running smoothly.

Change Out The Filter

It is imperative that you change the filter on a regular basis. You can do this yourself every one to two months. What happens when the filter gets clogged is that it forces your HVAC to work harder to bring out the air, which subsequently causes a spike in your energy bill. Also, you are looking at early wear and tear when your units have to work that hard to get air into the home. It is essential to not only change the filter but make sure not to cut corners and get the right size. This way you can prevent costly repairs and improve your indoor air quality.

Seal All Holes

If there are any leaks or holes in your unit or ducts where the air is unintentionally getting out, you need to seal those holes right away. Make sure to talk to a professional to figure out the best solution for sealing those holes. Doing this ensures that all of the air gets into the house.

Cleaning The HVAC

Make sure your HVAC is cleaned consistently. With the weather constantly changing sometimes leaves, grass and other types of debris end up inside of your HVAC unit. These blockages will put unnecessary stress on your unit and cause it to breakdown prematurely. To prevent this, make sure to blow off the leaves and dust to keep it running properly.

Keeping your HVAC working is important, and that’s something we understand better than anyone! If you have questions about how to keep your unit running at optimum efficiency or you think that you need professional assistance, then give us a call so we can come out and inspect your HVAC. ACS Home Services has been in business for years, and we do our job thoroughly. Call us now for a complete inspection!

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