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  • 3 Common AC Mistakes
    3 Common AC Mistakes

    Avoid making these mistakes, and your air conditioning unit will run more efficiently, save you money, and have a longer lifespan! Leaving Old Filters Do you know how often you’re supposed to switch ...

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  • The Importance of Ventilation
    The Importance of Ventilation

    How often do you leave your home closed up in the middle of summer? It’s okay to close the blinds and curtains during the peak sunlight hours, as this will actually help to keep your home cool, but ...

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  • Summer Cooling Tips
    Summer Cooling Tips

    Summer is the time for fun and relaxation but it can be difficult to enjoy if you’re home is just as hot and muggy as it is outside. Tampa residents are no strangers to heat and humidity, but it ...

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  • Most Efficient Lighting Solutions
    Most Efficient Lighting Solutions

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  • DIY Electrical Projects for Homeowners
    DIY Electrical Projects for Homeowners

    Many homeowners love to tackle DIY projects. These projects are a way to spend time with your family and bond over improving your home, and they also give families a sense of accomplishment and pride. ...

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  • What to Do After A Power Surge
    What to Do After A Power Surge

    There are many different causes of power surges. Some power surges are internal and occur when motorized devices or large or small electronics start up or shut off and use more voltage than your ...

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