Questions to Ask For Your Air Conditioning Estimate

Central air conditioning unit in a home is something that is crucially important but if it is not working properly, it adds to the extra energy bill that has to be paid. So if you are replacing your central heating system or buying a new house and installing everything from scratch, these are the important questions you need to ask.

What size of the HVAC system will I need to properly cool my home?
This is the most fundamental question you need to ask. Normally the companies selling HVAC will guide you but you need to do your research and ask people as well. If you have a small system, it won’t work effectively or if it is too big, it will only cost you more and will end up increasing your energy bills. Therefore getting the right size is imperative.

Is there some latest technology that I should be aware of / can use?
This is a good question and it will show that you are someone who takes every aspect of your home seriously and are well aware of the current trends in technology. Ask for any remote controlled systems, ductless HVACs, digital and wifi enabled thermostats etc.

What are the payment options?
Ask if they have any payment options such as monthly installments or discounted rates for seniors or military personnel etc.

Is the system eco-friendly?
You should ask if they offer an energy efficient option, granted it is going to be a bit expensive but it will be all worth it. Nowadays there are many new HVAC options that are energy efficient and help in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment.

Ask for their credentials. Can you provide proof that your company is insured?
This is a good question for getting to know the estimate of your air conditioning unit and lays all the costs out in the open.

Get these 5 important questions done and you will be on your way to a reliable and solid air-conditioning system installed in your home.