4 Residential Air Conditioner Repair Tips for Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Residential air conditioner repair is necessary not only to keep your AC working efficiently, but also to improve indoor air quality. If your AC is not maintained or repaired regularly by a professional, it may lead to increased amount of pollutants and toxins in the air and imbalanced humidity. Worse, it can trigger respiratory disorders, or aggravate the pre-existing ones such as asthma. Following are essential tips to improve your indoor air quality simply with regular residential air conditioner repair.

Identify the Problem like a Pro

Air conditioners are complex units, composed with small electrical and mechanical units. Even a small malfunctioning unit can disrupt the performance of your AC. If there is any kind of problem in your air conditioning system, it is ideal to call a professional residential air conditioner repair company. However, it is necessary to know the cause of a problem to ensure that the AC repair company does not trick you.

– If your AC is not working at all, there may be disruption in power supply. Sometimes, overloaded equipment switches, fluctuating voltage or condensate overflow can cut off your AC’s performance.

– If your AC is running, but not cooling then there could be the following issues; formation of ice on coils, poor voltage supply and dirty or clogged air filters.

– If your AC is set on maximum temperature, but it not cooling accordingly, then clean the air filters and air ducts and check if the AC fans are working or not.

– If your AC is not performing according to the set temperatures, then check the air ducts for leakage. Also, make sure that all pipes and electrical fittings are properly installed.

– If your AC is not switching on, check the breaker. If many appliances are operating on one breaker, then turn off a few appliances and then try. If it still does not switch on, call a professional immediately.

Clean the Air Filters and Air Ducts

Cleaning air filters and the air duct is an essential step of residential air conditioner repair. Your air conditioner pulls the surrounding air, filters it to remove toxic and harmful pollutants and circulates the chilled and cleared air to improve your indoor air quality. All the pollutants, toxins and mold are collected onto the air filter. These filters are attached with delicate aluminum vents.
If you want to clean the air filters yourself, then gently pull out the filters from the AC. Almost all air filters are washable. Make sure to use environment-friendly, green products during cleaning. The air ducts should preferably be cleaned by a professional.

Clean the Drain Pipes

When an air conditioner filters the air and dehumidifies it, it releases a lot of moisture in the form of water, which is released through the duct pipes. Micro organisms like algae and fungi may grow in the air ducts if they are not cleaned regularly. The process of removing and installing drain pipes is delicate in nature. Therefore, make sure to appoint professional air conditioner services to avoid any kind of potential damage.

Replace Thermostat or Capacitor

Small units like capacitor and thermostat may malfunction due to fluctuating voltage, improper repair or no repair at all. Detailed residential air conditioner repair includes testing the performance of the thermostat and capacitor. If your AC is functioning inefficiently, or not functioning at all, then there could be a problem in the thermostat or capacitor. Call a professional to schedule an appointment for repair or replacement services.

Clean residential indoor air ensures the safety of your family’s health. A healthy home prevents asthma, improves cognition, boosts productivity and improves the physical health of your family.