Reasons Why Air Conditioning Unit is Noisy

Why is my AC making so much noise?

You might be wondering why your air conditioner is so loud. Air conditioners naturally make noises because these are larger units with various moving parts that are working together to maintain a cool temperature inside your home. However, if you're beginning to notice unusual or particularly loud noises, this can be a sign of a serious problem that should be investigated as soon as possible.

Call for service if you hear any of the following types of noises coming from your AC:

  • Rattling
  • Popping
  • Grinding
  • Hissing

When you experience annoying and loud noises coming from your air conditioner, you shouldn't delay in calling for professional air conditioning service. Allowing your cooling system to continue running with a potential mechanical problem can dramatically increase the chance of catastrophic damage to your system, not to mention the inconvenience this will cause for you when your AC suffers a breakdown.

How to Fix a Noisy AC

There are many ways on how you can rectify the noise issues of your AC unit; however homeowners should start with changing the filters regularly. Filters can be clogged with pet hair, dust or cigarette smoke and this will soon result to noise problems.

When was the last time you changed your air filter?

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Having your unit inspected can also help fix the loud noise coming from within when the unit is in use. For serious strange and loud sounds, it would be best to contact ACS Home Services. Our AC technicians are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deal with all your AC needs. Our team takes the time to carefully inspect your cooling unit and diagnose the issue. We then explain everything to you and will answer any questions you may have. This way you can make your HVAC decisions with confidence. 

In the event that it wouldn't be cost effective or feasible to repair your AC based on the nature of the problem, be open about the idea of complete replacement. Replacing an old and damaged unit can be the best way to solve a persistent noise problem and can provide a number of other benefits, including increased efficiency, lower energy bills, and greater reliability.

Feel free to contact ACS Home Services for more information and to schedule a service!