AC Installation in Central Florida

AC Installation & HVAC Installation in Central Florida

Choosing to install a new HVAC unit in your home or business is a big decision. At ACS Home Services, we want to reduce your stress level and make the process easy on you. Our guarantees make choosing us to install obvious, and choosing the right HVAC unit for you is simple too.

ACS Home Services serves many cities throughout Central Florida, including Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota. However, even if you aren’t located within our service area, reviewing our AC installation guarantees can help you—as it provides an excellent standard for comparison.

ACS Guarantees

Our 24-Hour “Fix It or Hotel Guarantee”:

  • Because we are a service-based company, we are 100% dedicated to pleasing our customers 100% of the time. Our highly qualified technicians are here to serve you in the event that you system experiences a problem down the line. Our guarantee to you is that we will have your system up and running within 24 hours of arrival, or we will arrange for accommodations for you at a local hotel for the evening.

Lowest Price Guarantee:

  • Many companies promise lower prices, but do these organizations offer these prices by cutting corners? We don’t believe you can find a comparable installation for less. We are up front with you about what is and is not included in your installation. We are so confident that you cannot find a comparable installation to ours for less, that we will pay you a $50.00 bonus over the difference if you find one within 2 weeks of our written estimate. (This guarantee applies to published or written “apples to apples” comparisons, contact our customer service department for more information.)

Workmanship Guarantee:

  • Our installation staff is the best in the business. This includes more than just skill, it includes their speed, precision and attitude too. We conduct background checks and drug screens on all employees before we hire them. Every technician we send to your home will complete the job quickly and accurately and will be polite and courteous to you and your family. Because of the confidence we have in our staff, we can guarantee the work of our staff 100%. Contact our customer service team for more information about this guarantee.

Our One of a Kind “No Lemons ” Guarantee:

  • We don’t want you to be stuck with a “lemon”. If the compressor (also known as the heart of your system) in your HVAC system fails more than once during the first five years of ownership, we will remove and replace the entire unit, instead of just the component. If you have ever been stuck with a lemon before, you will appreciate exactly how amazing this guarantee really is.

No Mold Guarantee:

  • We are so confident in our advanced I.A.Q. UV sterilization and M.E.R.V. filtration system’s ability to keep your system clean, that we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you follow up with proper annual maintenance, we assure you that your system will be mold free for life, or we will take personal responsibility for cleaning the air handler and otherwise remedying the problem at our own expense.

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With guarantees like this, how can you go wrong? For more information, contact us today to talk to an expert about the options available to you. We can’t wait to provide you with a system that will serve you for years to come.